Saturday, December 20, 2008

Change of Direction

After being MIA for a few weeks, I've decided to change the direction of this blog a bit. I am still going to post recipes, 'cuz I love to cook, and it is extremely therapeutic. But sometimes I find myself just wanting to talk about life. And since the rest of my hubby's family post their day to day lives I thought it would be nice to keep his family caught up on our doings...boring as they may be. Although I can't always post a recipe I can always wax loquacious about our lives. Just wanted to throw a few big words out there.

For those family members who live in Utah, this winter you don't have the corner on snow. The fates decided it had been too many years since we got hit with the white stuff. Winter has stalled here for the past week and doesn't seem in any big hurry to leave. I thought I would give you a taste of what is happening here. I tried to upload a video, but I haven't figured out how yet. Please, everyone feel free to tell me how to do it. In the meantime, I'll just post some pictures.

In this one if you notice the blur on the right side of the picture...that's the wind blowing. We are supposed to get wind gusts of close to 50 mph. No playing out in that stuff today.

My indoor cat Ellie sneaked out of the door while I was taking pictures the other day and decided to explore the snow. She is almost 6 and has never been in the snow, and I think she actually liked it. She does have a lovely coat for being out in the elements. I should have something so beautiful.

Now, here's what I do when the weather outside is frightful.

I found the recipe for these delectable little guys here. They really are one of my favorite Christmas cookies.

And finally, an update picture from my darling grandson's family.

I adore Ronan, but I sometimes wonder if his parents aren't slightly WHACKO.

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Audrey Simon said...

Hey, that white stuff looks familiar! :) Ellie is a gorgeous kitty - I have a soft spot for Himalayans. I bet she enjoyed her brief taste of freedom. LOL