Monday, December 22, 2008


Starting day 10 of the snowstorm. You notice I didn't title this post "progress." There's been none in the weather. I'm posting more pics of this "delightful" crap. When these are compared with the previous two postings of snow pictures, you will definitely see the progression. We have lived here 20 years and not seen anything quite like this. It has certainly been one for the books. I know that this isn't as bad as in other parts of the country, but, hey, they are used to it and expect it. We are used to drippy stuff, not fluffy. One day of the stuff is great, but this is starting to border on irritating. This area is not mentally or physically prepared for such weather. So few people are driving around here that it is eerily quiet. I say, be done already!

Here are the cars before the shoveling.

Front yard

Front of our house

Neighbor getting around the easy way

The hard way...he couldn't even peddle with previous postings!

The birds will definitely have plenty to drink when this melts.

Waffle chairs

Finally, after a visiting neighbor, several guys from our church and me (yes, you heard right) shoveled the snow from the driveway and walk, put chains on the car, and cleaned off the car, we did something we haven't done in over 20 years....put Phil's car in the garage! I'm telling ya, the end is near!

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