Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big News!

Kris popped the question to Dina and Dina said she had nothing better to do, so....we are going to have a wedding. Yay! Welcome to the family, Dina. We love ya, and don't think Kris could have done any better.  (Don't know when the doin's are yet. We'll keep all posted.) 

Happy Birthday to My Honey

Today is hubby's 60th birthday and I just wanted him to know how special he is. This man is one of the kindest, most thoughtful persons you would ever meet. Why he has put up with me for almost 37 years is beyond me. He has always been supportive of everything I have wanted to do, and believe me, there's been a lot of nutty things to support. He has always been the rock I could count on. He's extremely giving and compassionate. He is often the first to volunteer to help others, and he would do anything for his family. One of his sisters once said to me that she just realized no one in the family ever gets mad at him (he's has 7 siblings and so there are plenty of opportunities for that). Phil has always been pretty good at staying above the fray. I am blessed that he is a beautiful pianist. I am treated to beautiful music all the time. How cool is that?!

At this point in our lives, with all that has gone on in the last year, I am grateful for every day more that I have with him. I am looking forward to at least another 10 years with him...right, honey? I love and appreciate all you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My "Job"

Yesterday I was checking in with my sister-in-law to the north of us to see how she was doing after some surgery. (She's doing fine.)  As we were chatting back and forth she asked me how my tutoring was going. I proceeded to tell her it was going well, and I had a pretty full roster (8 students at this moment). And then, as I continued to fill her in on things, I realized that when I am out working with my students it is the best part of my day! I truly love working with these kiddoes. Many days when I get up and am going about my business of the day, i.e. cleaning, getting dinner ready for that night, prepping for my students that day, I think, "I wish I could just stay home and not have to spend my time running around the county." Then I start my day with the kids and, wow, the time just flies, and I realize what a good time I am having. I have always connected to kids better than adults. It's probably the total honesty with which they approach you. There are very few punches pulled, and the majority of them have such great senses of humor. I really really have fun with them. And it is such a joy when they succeed. So often in school they don't, so I become their private cheerleader. You would be amazed at how many of them feel that they are stupid.  It's very sad what school environments can do to a child's self esteem. But my students and I celebrate every little success so they can realize that they can learn and succeed. How cool a feeling is that?!  How many people can say all of that about their jobs? And one of the best parts is....drumroll...I have no boss! It's up to the parents and me as to what we work on and how we approach it. Love it, love it, love it.

OK, my day is just beginning so need to get to work prepping for the 3 guys that I have today. I hope all of you have as joyful a day working as I will.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family Togetherness

I have a tutoring client that is a very successful broker...candy broker, that is. He brokers deals between places that need candy, say, Dairy Queen, and places that produce candy, say, Hershey's. Evidently the world needs a lot of candy, because he does really well. He owns a gorgeous 6,000 square foot home here and another one in a resort area in central Oregon. For a couple of years now his wife has been urging me to take advantage of it and take the family there. So, last weekend we did. I don't think we have all been together for more than a few hours at a time in probably at least 10 years. We can never get everyone's schedules to jive. But, wow, let there be a life threatening illness and everyone comes running! There are some definite silver linings in life's trials.

We had a wonderful time! Didn't do much other than hang out, eat, play games, and listen to Kris's music. It really was relaxing and no blood was shed. I was a little worried when 2 of the kids started a heated discussion on the merits or lack of in Twilight. It was pretty funny.

Now, this is how we looked upon arrival.
And how we looked when it was time to go!

For those of you who don't remember who is who...back row, Phil, Brent and Thomas. Front row, Karen, Sara, Janet, Ronan and Kris.
Kris and Dad share a penchant for chic PJs

And, of course, no post would be complete without pictures of Ronan. I am only a little bit prejudiced.

And my own personal favorite...Ronan kisses for Nana.

My own camera is broken so I took a disposable one with me. When I get it to Walgreen's and put on CD I will post some more pics. It really was great to be together and a time that will be treasured.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby and Man's Best Friend

Yesterday my grandbaby and I had to run up to my sis's house to pick up some mail she had gathered for me while we were gone on a family getaway. Sis has the cutest little Pekinese named Gizmo, and Ronan finally met him. Best buds from the get-go. My sis has 6 grandkids, so Gizmo is used to being manhandled. And like Ronan, loves everyone. When we first walked in and Ronan spied him, he couldn't get out of my arms fast enough. And although he can't walk yet, he made a valiant effort with me holding onto his chubby little hands. He and Gizmo finally settled on my lap as being a suitable playground. It was so fun watching Ronan discover something new. Grandbabies are definitely the best!