Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back Home

It's been a crazy couple of weeks again. Just to give you all some background, hubby was diagnosed with malignant melanoma last September. This is an internal type, not on the skin. They have never been able to find the primary source of the melanoma. After a surgery to remove a tumor in his lung (which was aborted), 2 different rounds of a biotherapy treatment that didn't appear to be rendering any results, they also discovered a tumor in his small intestine that had been causing a bit of pain. This past Monday the tumor was removed as well as his gall bladder, and the doc did a lot of looking around to make sure there wasn't anything missed. For the first time we had some good news...nothing else was found. We meet with the oncologist this Friday to see what is next. They did take the tumor to harvest cancer cells to make a vaccine as part of a trial, but we don't know if he is supposed to get that vaccine. We should have some answers this week. It was just nice for a change to get some good news (no other tumors).

Hubby has an amazing attitude. He is bound and determined that he will beat this. It is quite humbling to watch this, and to see how many people love and admire this man. We have so appreciated everyone's love, prayers and support through all of this.

We do have some fun planned for the end of next month. I have a client who has an amazing vacation home in central Oregon, and she has graciously insisted that our family take advantage of it. So we are headed there for a weekend of relaxation and recouping. We are so looking forward to this. The kids and grandbaby are joining us, so I know it will be absolutely wonderful.

Random stuff.
New pics of the newest love of my life.

This one cracks me up.

Also, this week on the Today Show I saw this story that brought me tears...which actually isn't all that hard to do. This is the video.(I haven't figured out how to post videos on here yet.) It is the sweetest story. I have a Down's Syndrome nephew so it really hit home. There are great lessons to be learned from this story. We can all take something away from Patrick and his high school!


Audrey Simon said...
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Audrey Simon said...

I'm so glad that Phil is finally back home! The family retreat sounds like it will be a wonderful time for everyone to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Thanks for posting the video about Patrick. What a wonderful story. One of my little sisters has Downs. Special needs kids have a huge place in my heart.

About how to post videos on your blog: There is a button on the bottom right side of the frame of the video that says "embed". Click on that and you'll see a string of HTML code pop up. All you have to do is copy that string and paste it directly into your post content. Hope this helps!

Karen said...

Thanks so much. I'll have to give the video thing a whirl next time I have something post worthy.