Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

I hope this finds all of you with a loved one of your choice today. I am actually going to be with 2 of my most loved people. Hubby, of course, and my nephew, Paul. Paul is a very special member of our family. My big-hearted sister and her husband adopted him almost 23 years ago. And what makes it so special is that he had Down's syndrome. He is actually the most fun member of my extended family to be around. This kid has the most developed sense of humor I have ever run across. He is so quick with the comebacks it keeps us all on our toes. And Paul and my husband have quite the mutual admiration society going. It's really a riot to watch! They are both constantly baiting each other.

After the day is finished today I will post pics. And for a special Valentine dinnerI am making beef stoganoff with roasted asparagus. Recipe to come.

We are having Paul today because my poor sis never gets to go to a truly grown-up movie. Bless her heart, she takes him everywhere. And her hubby doesn't really care to go to the movies. So she wanted to take our mom to the movies and dinner, but they were going to have to go see "Hotel for Dogs," even though they have both been dying to see "Slumdog Millionaire." When she told me that, I, having the huge generous heart that I have (not!), said Paul needed to come and visit with hubby and me. So, EVERYONE was down with that. Now for Valentines, hubby and I get to watch "Madagascar 2" and
what ever other movie he drags over here. That's OK, though, because I never get to see the kid movies. And he likes to cook and work, so I'll have some free labor for the afternoon. Woo Hoo! I really am looking forward to some time with Paul. With all the stuff that has been going on for the past year, he hasn't been down here with us much. He brings it up every time I talk to him. So it's a win/win for everyone.

On the update front...we had a meeting with hubby's oncologist yesterday. In a few weeks, he will begin a trial chemotherapy that will take about 6 months. Luckily, it's
not one of those with absolutely horrendous side-effects. But, you know what his burning question to the doc was..."Will I lose my hair?" Not worried about if he will have debilitating nausea or fatigue or pain. No, not him. It's all about the looks. He was happy to hear that with this particular drug, that wasn't one of the side effects. Sigh....He did come through his surgery well and will be back at work next week And the fight for health continues.

Happy Valentine's Day to All.


beartwin said...

And he really looking forward to this day with you two. I thank you so much for a much needed break of me time. And he is God's gift to us. Paul's Mom.

susan sheard said...

Glad to hear Phil made it through surgery and is home and recovering. I hope the new treatment works. Think about you both everyday and my love is with you both. Beth