Sunday, January 18, 2009

Party Doings

No food posts...just family.

This weekend I decided it was time to get out of Dodge. For about the last 6 months the only thing we have had to look forward to was doctor and hospital appointments. So we headed for parts north to meet up with a great deal of family. Hubby comes from a very large family. He is one of eight progeny, so you can imagine the myriad of nieces, nephews, greats and so on. Even one of our own offspring made it to the fun family dinner that hubby's awesome bother and sister-in-law hosted. We had a great time sharing food, tales of misspent youth, and holding a couple of adorable members of the newest generation. Here's a few pics to get a couple of chuckles from.

Our hostess(and host who is also hubby's brother) with the mostest

A couple of hubby's sisters

The proud hubbies of the beauties above

And lots of cousins!

Oldywed cousins

And newlywed cousins

Sister cousins

Like mother like daughter.

And like father like son.

When I saw these two pictures I was taken slightly aback. I didn't realize how much my son and hubby resembled each other. When I pointed this out, hubby asked if he was where our son also got his brains. My reply was, " Sure, because I still have mine." I am not sure the humor was appreciated.

My son's lovely girlfriend

The next generation

I'm not totally sure, but I think at last count there were about 20 biological great grandchildren and about 7 added by marriage greatgrand children. That is quite the progeny and much for Grandma and Grandpa Bell to be proud of. These pictures represent only a portion of the extended family. It is really wonderful to be part of such a huge loving supportive group, especially at a time like this. We really love all of these people and are so thankful for them...and hope they all know this.

And this was the end of the party!!
We really did have a wonderful evening and it was great to get away. Sorry if this makes any of the Utah family jealous. And, Nalani, sorry about no pictures of your hubby and sweet little guy. I handed my camera to some one else to take pics kind of late into the event and so missed them. But they were there and totally enjoyable. Jed had some great stories about his notorious youth! Fun! We also shared tales of shoplifting, spankings, fights and various other great family times. You had to be there. And for those of you that wanted the jalapeno popper thingies recipe, go here.

And, of course, it's always great to get home again. This is the view hubby and I have everyday as we come home from work...OK, everyday that is clear. Today was one of the those incredibly clear days when you feel all is right with the world. Lately, we don't get enough of those. So this was a gift.


Thomas Family said...

It was fun seeing everyone. Glad you made it home safe. -Maile

nalani said...

Dang I wish I was there! I'm glad you included the recipe the poppers because I heard they were super good! I'm glad you all had a great time and hopefully we can see you the next time we're up.

Carl and Pat said...

I hated missing this party! Let's have another one in a couple of months when retirement comes for me (Pat). Love to all...

Audrey Simon said...

We loved seeing you guys! Your poppers were the hit of the party. We must get together more often as a family like this, it was so much fun!