Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cheese Crackers...Sort of

We all need to have crunch in our lives. Me, I live for crunch....peanuts, potato chips, pickles, ice cubes. Eating low carb can present a problem in that area. I crave the crunch of potato chips, but, alas, they are verboten. Thank goodness, one of my low carb/diabetic cookbooks has offered an amazing solution. Cheese crackers...literally. These crunchy morsels can double (or triple) as crackers, chips, and even bread. Just be aware that these do not necessarily have the same concistency as the afore mentioned yummies, just as spaghetti squash does not taste like its namesake pasta. But they are a good substitute. And, even better, they are so simple to make it's ridiculous. So here goes.

Cheese Crackers

1, or as many as you want to make, slice of American cheese....NOT American processed cheese or cheese food.You want the thick sliced stuff, not the thin individually wrapped stuff. I buy the big package of it at Costco. It is not always the easiest cheese to find. Just be sure to read the label. The cheese food will not work. Trust me on this.

a piece of parchment paper or freezer paper. I think in the long run freezer paper is more economical. The piece needs to fit in the microwave.

That's it, that' all you need. Crazy, huh.

Place the slice of cheese on the parchment paper or freezer paper (freezer paper needs to be shiny side up.)

Place in the microwave and cook on high for approximately 1 minute. My microwave runs pretty high, o for me 1 minute is perfect. Keep an eye on your cheese so that you don't cremate it. This is what it should look when it's done.

This is 2 full size pieces of cheese. Prior to cooking, these could be cut into smaller cracker or chip sizes. I used these to make a chicken salad sandwich. When using these for sandwiches, the crackers will be crumbly so hang on tight to your food! These are quite tasty and help to satisfy that crunch that we all so craze. Try these and Enjoy!

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