Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year and Resolutions

As far as years go, 2008 was pretty much a dismal time for our family. We have dealt with and continue to deal with some life threatening illnesses. The economy is pretty much in the toilet for just about everyone I know. The weather to end the year with was a nightmare. I could go on and on, but I won't. Everyone has their own tales of woe. These are the things that build our strength of character. I have discovered that I am a pretty strong woman and able to handle (for the most part) most things that life throws at me....and without drugs or drink....although sometimes I am tempted. I am learning to look at the good things that have happened this year and count those blessings: our first grandchild, my oldest son getting through his health crisis with grace and dignity, the continuing love and support from so many corners of our lives during my hubby's health crisis, especially from both sides of our family. I could go on and on, but I won't. Just know that at this point in my life I am choosing to "see the glass as half-full." And if it becomes empty it is because I drank it up. Let's drink to a better year in 2009!

Now, in considering resolutions, I try not to make them, mainly due to the fact that I don't keep them. But this year I am making two. The first one concerns my health. I am resolving to make a concerted effort to eat very low carb. It is really the only way to keep my blood sugar under control. My other resolution is to do all I can to build my in-home tutoring business. Between the economy and caring for ill family members it has taken a bit of a hit. I know that I can work it and build it, because if it don't get it functioning well, it's back to substitute teaching...which I really hate. So, there you have it. My only two resolutions.

The first resolution will be fairly well documented here with my cooking. This posting really was going to be about low carb meatloaf, but I digressed as I started writing. to the meatloaf.

This is a meatloaf from my favorite low carb cookbook..."Carb Wars." I don't feel comfortable giving out Judy's recipes from her book when that is how she makes a living. So I'll just give some descriptions of what I did to make it low carb. You basically could take your favorite meatloaf and make just one little change to make it low carb. Instead of adding bread crumbs or cracker crumbs, just grind one Wasa cracker (very low carb/high fiber) in the food processor and add. I also used some of Judy's sugar free bar-b-que sauce and grated cheese. After I formed my meatloaf I drizzled more of the bar-b-que sauce over it and covered it with 3 strips of bacon. Hey, bacon works for everything! Then I baked it at 350 degrees for roughly an hour. It was very moist and flavorful and held together well.

Now, if you all read the last post you know that I have to bulk up food for hubby. So this is what he had as side dishes.

And this is what I had....I see a great deal of brown and green in my future.

Stay tuned for some easy cheese crackers that can double as bread and some fascinating ways to have no carb coatings for fried foods. Occassionally, I may cheat and do a good old fashioned comfort food dish. Enjoy!


beartwin said...

Thanks for the recipes as I have used several so I will continue to read also our whole family is back on weight loss so I'll need new ideas so keep the good work going. And 2009 is a new year and hopefully better.

Carl and Pat said...

We are with you all the way, Karen. I could have told you what a strong woman you are, but now you know. We love you and your family. Good for you with the glass half full attitude! Here's to a new and better year!