Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zucchini Fries

Here's the thing. Due to a health issue, I am supposed to limit my carbs. Yeah, like that's going to happen everyday. But I try, I really do. At one point I was doing great with it and lost a nice amount of weight without feeling too deprived. And I have found some delicious substitutes for some of those carbs. Following is one of those. My hubby says they are positively addicting. And they are easy to make, and they are a great way to get kids to eat a veggie that usually causes them to gag. And, finally, it's a great way to use all that zucchini growing rampantly in your garden. (That was a lot of "and"s, wasn't it.)

Again, I really don't have quantities because it will depend on the amount you want to make and taste.

The Ingredients

oil for frying
2 zucchini
1 egg
1-1/2 cups Parmesan...the cheap kind in the can is fine for this
cayenne pepper, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, paprika all to taste

This is so easy that once you have made it you won't ever need the recipe again.

Put about an inch of oil in a skillet and heat on medium to medium high. Wash the zucchini, cut off the ends and then cut into fries.

In one bowl whisk the egg until blended. In another bowl mix together the Parmesan cheese and spices.

Dip the zucchini fries into the egg and then into the cheese mixture. Place in the hot oil. Cook until golden, usually just a couple of minutes.

Drain on paper towels, serve hot and try not to go overboard eating them before you serve them to the rest of your family.

I served these with stove top grilled pork chops and sliced tomatoes. Very low carb and very yummy.

As a side note, I have used the egg and cheese coating on pork chops and chicken, and it is delicious! If you are trying to be fat conscious don't try baking food coated with this mixture. It really doesn't work the same. Using canola oil or light olive oil is actually fairly healthy. Just be sure to drain well. Enjoy!

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