Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today was one of those days I needed to get out for a few hours all by myself. The weather was cool with the promise of sun, a perfect day for an excursion to the farmers' market in the neighboring almost metropolis.And it did indeed prove to be the perfect day. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there, park and walk to the market, and by the time I had done all that the sun had broken through the clouds. The sun was shining, people were meandering among the booths, children were laughing and begging for treats, and the smells and colors were almost overwhelming. Produce, of course, was in abundance everywhere. What is more beautiful than fresh produce?

Robust red tomatoes
Elegant rich eggplants

Juicy ripe blackberries...blackberry cobbler....mmmmmmm!

Of course, farmers' markets aren't just for fresh produce. Everyone gets into the picture with their wares.

My favorite booths, though, are the flower vendors.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their
day.Check out her little ponies on top of her head...too cute.

Got my treat...pig's ear...mmmmmmm.

And I, too, came away with a few treasures of my own.
Herbs for an indoor herb garden
And, naturally, produce!

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