Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby and Man's Best Friend

Yesterday my grandbaby and I had to run up to my sis's house to pick up some mail she had gathered for me while we were gone on a family getaway. Sis has the cutest little Pekinese named Gizmo, and Ronan finally met him. Best buds from the get-go. My sis has 6 grandkids, so Gizmo is used to being manhandled. And like Ronan, loves everyone. When we first walked in and Ronan spied him, he couldn't get out of my arms fast enough. And although he can't walk yet, he made a valiant effort with me holding onto his chubby little hands. He and Gizmo finally settled on my lap as being a suitable playground. It was so fun watching Ronan discover something new. Grandbabies are definitely the best!


Carl and Pat said...

I LOVE these pictures! I especially love the last one. Almost makes me want a dog. Your grandson, which makes me his great-aunt, is absolutely adorable.

Karen said...

Let's face...this family has awesome grandkids all around!