Monday, July 28, 2008

Pasta! Pasta!

Who doesn’t love pasta? And how many of us avoid it like the plague? All those carbs and refined flour. Trying to be healthy I have tried the whole wheat pastas, and frankly, they didn’t do it for me. It was similar to eating soggy cardboard. What to do, what to do. Well, hold on to your hats, you can now have your pasta and eat it, too! There is wonderful new pasta available called Dreamfields. It is a low carb, low glycemic index pasta that actually tastes great. It has twice the fiber of regular pasta and only 5 grams of digestible carbs. I don’t totally understand how it works (science is not my strong suit). The pasta is coated with something called inulin that prevents all but 5 grams of carbohydrates from being digested. I guess digesting carbs is what makes them bad. The pasta also barely raises blood sugar. Diabetics swear by this pasta.

I LOVE this stuff!! I use it exclusively in anything that calls for pasta. One of the best things about the pasta is it doesn’t absorb liquid the way other pastas when you make a pasta salad of some type, and by the time you get to eating it, the pasta has absorbed the dressing. I have not had that issue with the Dreamfields.

One down is tough to find. There are 6 varieties, but the stores that do carry it usually on carry a couple. The pasta can be ordered on line...but I want to be able to get it when I want it.

So, we need to unite forces. Everyone needs to try these wonderful pastas and spread the word. Then inundate your grocery stores with requests for it. Be cooks on a mission. Get that pasta available everywhere! Pasta lovers everywhere, UNITE!!!

And here’s the link so that you can learn all about the pasta, get recipes, and coupons, and even order.

WE can have PASTA and be HEALTHY.


Richard & Sharon said...

This is a great idea. And I am going to look for that pasta. If I can get this summer to slow down I also want to try the recipes. They look pretty darn yummy!

Anonymous said...

I use the pasta also and it's wonderful. Our family are pasta lovers but need to watch carbs so this was a wonderful fine. Keep the recipes coming.

Carl and Pat said...

Great job on the blog, Karen. I'm really interested in this pasta, so thanks for doing the legwork. Hope life as a grandma is going well.